To See Ourselves As Others See Us

Michael Ringrose, 0, 12 Jul, 2018

How others see us

Assessing how others see us and whether it accurately reflects the image we wish to convey must start at asking the question, "What image do we wish to convey or think we are conveying?

When it comes to business and the key impressions we wish to impact on customers and potential customers, there is a whole industry built around PR, Marketing, Branding and Consultancies helping to craft and manipulate tactics and strategies. These are essentially tools that are used to coerce buying activity and condition our thinking and influence the decision process.

How we see others

Buyers are capable of being influenced by these mind manipulating processes but they are also capable of exercising high levels of discernment. In affirming their own choices they, in turn, can influence the market and the range and quality of what is on offer. They are enormously influenced by their peers and it is important to garner an understanding of that interaction.

Unique nature of Self

When it comes to our perception of how we are seen by contemporaries, customers, clients, friends or strangers we are mindful that we are not just human mannequins. There is an inner depth to each of us, coupled with a range of insights and experiences that shape our uniqueness in the world. When we engage with others, friends or business acquaintances, being mindful of ourselves influences the presence we create during those encounters. It helps generate the energy, enthusiasm sincerity and commitment we bring to conversations and expressions. It helps to convey to the listener measures of transparency, truthfulness, honesty and integrity that emit from conversation and body-language. It also, as an added by-product, encourages the listener to take on board what is suggested or recommended.


Awareness of where we are, who we are and what it is we are doing is critically important to giving strength and consistency to our actions. Our speech and the tone and tenor of the voice also conveys sensitivity, sincerity, empathy, understanding of others as, of course, does the accompanying body-language.

All the camouflage in the world, whether it is the fact that one, in the highest fashion, comes from a mansion or castle occupies a prestigious rank or place, will not hide the absence of an empathetic disposition. If one lacks basic respect for our fellow human beings or calculates their innate value by race, colour or creed, then, dressing that person up and conferring them with a crown or title and placing them in a position of authority or power, will not add a scintilla of intrinsic value to their personas. Be true to your self. You will never be anyone else.


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